Since 2016, the Bloody Mary Film Festival has been spotlighting the works of female-identifying Canadian filmmakers in horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. Named after the legendary mirror ghost from slumber parties past, the two-day festival takes place in November in Toronto, Ontario highlighting the incredible work of female directors from across the country.

Laura DiGirolamo
Co-Executive Director

Laura Di Girolamo is a writer for publications such as Exclaim! Film and Grim Magazine, and a social media professional in the arts, not-for-profit, and tech industries. She attended York University and Seneca College and has a BA in Communications and Film Studies (where she specialized in female representation in TV and genre films), and a Creative Advertising diploma. She’s worked with film festivals such as Planet in Focus and the Regent Park Film Festival, assisting with festival sponsorship, social media community management, PR and festival press coverage. Laura is a film and TV geek, an obscure pop culture junkie, and an intersectional feminist. Some of her skills include untangling wires, remembering how to spell peoples’ names, and competing in classic Simpsons trivia pub nights. Her love for horror films likely began the year she turned 13 and watched The Craft about three times a week.

Krista Dzialoszynski
Co-Executive Director

Krista Dzialoszynski has been working in the film industry for the past 9 years. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a BA in Cinema Studies and attended Humber College’s Film & Television Production program where her interest in cinematography led her to work on commercials, short films and music videos. She was on the lighting team of Bruce McDonald’s feature film Pontypool, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. She then moved on to co-write, direct, shoot and edit the feature film Hills Green with her partner Ryan Glover. The film premiered at the 2013 ReelHeart International Film Festival in Toronto where it won Best Canadian Film and the Indie Spirit Award. In 2015 Krista began managing the camera department at VICE Media’s Toronto office where she also led discussions at some of their screenings. In the same year she made her acting debut in Derek Mungor’s slasher You Are Not Alone, where she camera operated while acting to give the film it’s unique first person perspective. While petrified by supernatural horror films as a child, Krista now loves being in a darkened theatre with a crowd full of genre junkies and seeks out such experiences often. When not watching films, working on scripts, taking photos, or enjoying an adult beverage, she can be found working at Dazmo Camera.